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If you find yourself suffering from anxiety on Sundays or the Monday Blues on a regular basis, there's a trick that might help alleviate some of those scary feelings.

Try treating your weekend like a vacation. It might make you happier when you head back to work.

In a study from the UCLA Anderson School of Management in 2017, they randomly gave a group of 400 working Americans one of two instructions on a Friday - the participants were either told to "treat the weekend like a vacation" OR "treat the weekend like a regular weekend". The participants had to decide what that meant for themselves and then structure - or not structure, as the case may be- their weekends accordingly.

Treating your weekend like a vacation was more about mental reframing what a "weekend" can be. Sometimes a "staycation" is the best getaway. Find an art exhibit and visit after a nice brunch.Spicing up the routine might be all you need to feel that "getting away" vibe. Turn on upbeat music while in the car running errands, make yourself a yummy tea or even a margarita while putting laundry away. Establish Sunday night dinners with a group of friends and alternate houses or make it a potluck. Keep it simple and "doable".

Try it out and see if you feel happier as you start your week! Keep me posted!

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