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Using Pilates in Life

One of the coolest things that I learn from Pilates is how to move better OUTSIDE of the studio as well!

Two years ago, I was in Hawaii with my sister and we decided to try out surfing. Me being me, I asked the instructor A LOT of weird questions and when it was my first time to try standing...I DID IT! The instructor was so blown away because he didn't even bother to have his camera out.

Fast forward to this past Labor Day weekend, we decided to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding on the Potomac River. Easy...Peasy! Kept the full bottom of my feet on board....knees soft with lower abs engaged and weight in my sitz bones. As for the paddle part? Soft grip on the paddle with sturdy palm connection....had my arms pushing/pulling to cancel each other out to make my body and back engage instead.

How can you apply Pilates in what YOU do outside of the studio??

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