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"That's what is great about Pilates.  You build the foundation and then the layers, and then you can do whatever you want.

Sessions We Offer

Let's get together and take the small steps to you feeling better inside and out!

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Private Pilates SESSIONS
Reformer/Tower/Wunda chair

New to Pilates and want to experience what everyone is talking about?

Injured and want a full body workout while you recover?

Recovered and want to make sure you have the knowledge to do a class with modificiations?

Health Coaching

Feel your finest from the inside out!

We will work together with your doctors to discover how your body is performing and optimize nutrition to help keep it at its peak!

Every day, your body is operating the best it can with what you provide it.  We have to take care of it.  It's the only one we get!

Small Groups
Semi-Private Duets

Suitable for all fitness levels, these signature four-person sessions apply a modern approach to Pilates along with current, best practices of load strength and conditioning principles! 

Upbeat, full-body workout in an encouraging environment to strengthen and tone all major muscle groups.  In addition to the reformer, other props such as weights, foam rollers, jump board and magic circles may be integrated to create an added challenge and add variety to your session.

Meet the Mechanic


Sometimes it takes a life-changing event

to appreciate what is right in front of you.

In 2012, I had emergency open-heart surgery.  

Truly life-changing and one of my biggest blessings.

My deepening passion for Pilates was staring me right in the face.

It was so impactful that, in my recovery, I completed the demanding training through Balanced Body. I was lucky to work with stellar physical therapists who specialize in working with many medical conditions.

In 2017, I was in an auto accident driving home after work one evening resulting in a concussion/TBI that caused a cataract in my left eye.  It took a few years, quite a few doctors, and the help of a great nutritionist to help me recover.  I was introduced to the world of micro-nutrition and how important a role it plays in your body's recovery and maintenance. 


Striving to understand the body as a whole further, I became an IIN health coach in 2018.

The way your body functions is unique.

There’s only one YOU!

With Pilates, you will get to a place where you operate at your best - physically and mentally. You are a sophisticated machine, and I can guide you to a strong, supple, centered place.


After teaching over 7,500 classes and countless one-on-ones, my motivation and joy come from your continuing progress toward an integrated you - mind and body. 

It’s gonna be fun! We’ll start simply and progress to a more challenging plan as you’re ready. Allow me to show you more about how the ‘mechanics’ of Pilates can transform your daily life and start you on a path you never imagined!

The Pilates Mechanic -

Eden Ellis


Eden and Pilates ended up being a critical part in the diagnosis for my back surgery and was the keystone to my recovery.  She took the time to study my movement and made me a more informed patient to help my doctors address the pain.   Now that I have recovered, Pilates is helping to  prevent any future injury.

Christopher K

 Eden is a conscientious and experienced instructor. While a lot of men steer clear of Pilates, Eden recognizes that routines can be modified to meet wherever you are in terms of physical conditioning and flexibility. Recognizing that men may have limitations on certain types of motion, Eden modifies her class to accommodate. She focuses on performing exercises correctly and has greatly increased my core strength.

Kevin B.

Eden Ellis is the consummate professional.  She has been my private Pilates instructor for many years. When I decided to have a hip replacement, Eden set up a program of exercises to strengthen the area pre-surgery.  Her attention to detail for proper position and breathing has helped me to get the best results. I can't recommend her highly enough.

Judy S.

Just had my second session with Eden. Excellent instruction that prevents injuries and improves results - she pays careful attention to subtle but critical issues of form.  Her sessions are more gentle than others but actually more effective.

Miriam T

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